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Coworking space Kayabacho, Co-Edo is located conveniently to the stations. Two-minute walk from Kayabacho station, within walking distance from Nihombashi, Suitengumae, Hatchobori, and Tokyo station.


We are looking for staff to manage the coworking space with us.
For more information, please see the staff recruitment page.


Wifi(wireless LAN)

We've got fast Wifi here, so that you can use your own personal computer, smart phone, other electronic devices, and so comfortably.

Power supply

Feel free to use our power supply so that you can work as long as you need!!

Free Drink

You can drink for free and bring your own food and beverages. When you get tired, you can go out and get dessert!!

Meetings and Chatting

A great idea is often born from chatting. Casual meeting might make your life change.

Suitable place for events

We are supportive of those who want to host a study meeting, especially on weeknights and weekends.

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From Narita/Haneda airport, you can take the Toei-asakusa line and get off at Nihombashi station. If you take Shinkansen and get off at Tokyo station, you can walk to Otemachi station and Kayabacho station is the second stop.(On the Tozai line)


Zoom meeting

Online meetings are available in the open seating area. Earphones are available (and can be rented).

Private Focus Booth

For online streaming and web conferencing. Reservation required, at a rate of 110 JPY for every 15 minutes.

Private Focus Booth


1,100 yen / day

You can use all day long, come and go, for 1,100 yen. When you attend an event, feel free to use before and after the event.

550yen / 2 hours

It is for short time users.

Monthly plan(Minimum usage period: 3 months) *NO Initial cost now*

NO initial cost if Minimum usage period: 3 months
1 month FREE if Minimum usage period: 6 months

Standard Plan

From 10am to 9pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on weekends.

Initial 22,000 yen : 9,900 yen/month

Anytime during our business hours.
You can invite a guest per a day.

Premium plan

24 hours a day, every day.

Initial 66,000 yen : 19,800 yen/month

You can invite 3 guests per a day.
You can use the address.

Lite plan : Daytime plan

From 10am to 6pm on weekdays.

Initial 22,000 yen : 5,500 yen/month

It is one of the best plan for freelancers.

Lite plan : Weekends plan

From 6pm to 9pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on weekends.

Initial 22,000 yen : 5,500 yen/month

It is one of the best plan for office workers.

30 days plan

From 10am to 9pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on weekends.

16,500 yen

You can sign up for only 30 days including the date of application.
Please make use of this service for short trips.

Once a month office plan

Coworking everyday and meeting space once a month

Initial 66,000 yen : 29,700 yen 〜 / month

Coworking user like Standard plan Or more than 2 Lite plan users

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10a.m.~9p.m. (10a.m.~6p.m. on weekends and holidays)

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Coworking Calendar

📅Coworking Calendar📅For Event Organizers の2つのカレンダーを表示できます


10a.m.~9p.m. (10a.m.~6p.m. on weekends and holidays)

(Sales are available by email)

Co-Edo Expert Sourcing

Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Please refer to the following information if you would like to make a reservation request online.
Company Name
Direct Search Japan Inc.
PA Bldg. 1-3-4 Shin-kawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
03-5542-0470 (10a.m. ~ 18p.m.)
Other expenses
Transaction fee (0 ~ 3,000 JPY)
You can cancel your reservation request by clicking the cancellation button on the website before payment is completed. Please note that refunds are generally not available after payment is completed.
Service time
You can still use your reservation during the scheduled time period.
Payment methods
For payment made through the website, we accept credit card payments.
Payment period
Credit card payments are processed immediately.
The amount shown on the website is the amount to be paid.